Color Psychology

Color Psychology is more than just picking the colors that are pretty and that you “like”. Color psychology refers to how you get you audiences’s attention and how it makes them feel. If you are a new business owner or new “creative” you will definitley need to take a look at what I have came up with below. Defining your brand colors may take time and should be done carefully.

Take a look below at what I came up with:

Blue – Represents peace and tranquility. It also is  a common color that brands use when trying to build trust and market  their product.This color is also said to have a calming effect on you, hence the calming feeling you get when you pull into a Lowe’s parking lot (lol). Some other brand that use  Blue in their advertising are – PayPal, Ford, Oral-B and General Electric amongst others.

Red –  Helps to capture attention. Think about some of your favorite fast food chains – McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Red Robin. Don’t they automatically catch your attention when you’re driving down the highway. Fast Food chains are NOTORIOUS for using red in their advertising. Red is also said to increase one’s appetite! Hence the reason why when you sit down in McDonald’s you get hungry. Red helps to compel people to buy- i.e. when you’re at a clothing store and there’s the big red clearance sticker and you know you don’t need that purse, BUT you see that clearance sticker on there and next thing you know you have a brand new purse!

Green – Is commonly associated with health and nature. When companies want to make a “statement” particularly an environmentally or health conscious statement brands go the route with using green to help convey this. An example of this would be John Deere and Whole Foods Market. Green is also used to help promote relaxation and a calming effect (i.e. Starbucks).

Black – Typically represents mystery, power and elegance. It also can evoke negative feelings of sadness and angers. Many retail stores choose to use black as part of their color palette because it helps to provide a consistent look. Brands that are infamous for this are Chanel and Nike! Black is used a lot on websites, because it allows readers to easily read the content.

Grey – Represents neutrality and balance. Grey is best when paired with an additional color such as White or another Primary Color. A brand that we are aware that uses this color is Apple. They have done a great job of pairing the grey with white or black depending on the pro. Grey is a great support color and helps to maintain a clean, simple and neutral look.

When choosing your brand colors you might have to test out certain colors. If you are not attracting your target audience, it would be well worth it to take a look at your brand colors.

One thing I will suggest too is doing your research. As entrepreneurs it’s not about what colors “we” like, it’s about what our customer base likes and if it attracts them. Be strategic and intentional when choosing your brand colors.


Jasmine <3

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