My Rebranding Story

If you follow me on social media you will notice that I have changed and changed my logo and website many times. Why, you ask? In all transparency, I haven’t really been satisfied with the look and feel of my website. I didn’t feel it accurately portrayed who I am and how I want my web design and branding business to be portrayed. This took many long nights, research, self reflection and of course Pinterest inspiration for me to come to this conclusion, that a major site overhaul and branding needed to take place.

Take a look at my story below to see how I made this change:

For me this process started with making the decision to move my website from one hosting site to another. This decision was made because I want to make sure that my website is conveying professionalism in all aspects. It was also made with the intent that I want my website to be inviting and easy to use when you come to my online home.

Once I made the decision to move hosting sites, the next steps came the real work. I wrote in my journal a series of questions that I asked myself to ensure that I was making the right decision to do a complete site and rebranding overhaul. Once I had my answers I started researching Color Psychology. This was important for me to research because colors evoke certain emotions and should be selected with your target audience in mind.

Sidebar – when doing color psychology research I went straight to Pinterest and articles on color psychology for me to truly understand the significance of selecting the right color for my brand. I wrote down adjectives that I described my brand and how I want it to feel. Some of those adjectives were – professional, modern, natural, sincere, enduring and more. From this list, I chose 3 Key adjectives that I was going to focus on ensuring that I chose the right colors for my brand this time.

Once I had these adjectives I then started thinking about who I want my target audience to be. This is the KEY to defining any brand. I think because I hadn’t properly defined my brand in the past is why I had struggled with not 100% liking the look and feel of my logo and website design. Once I defined my target audience I was able to properly select my brand colors that would drive them! During this step I defined my brand’s mission statement, core values and beliefs. Once I had this I knew I was onto something and could create my own space that reflected all of my hardworking and compassion.

Now, that I know what I want and I have clearly defined my brand’s mission and core values it’s important to me that I re-introduce myself to you all.

Hey y’all, I’m Jasmine! I am bold and I have a big personality. Although I am bold, I am also very sincere, passionate, and fun. (A little crazy right?) I am a creative and have a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. I am a web designer and branding creative. I help nonprofits, small business owners, freelancers and professionals define their online brand. I help you create your online home where you and your brand are the focus from day one as well as create a meaningful space designed specifically for you.

Are you considering rebranding your business and need some help with sorting out your ideas? Contact me NOW to find out how I can help you get started with this process!

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