Y’all Ready to Catch Up?

So, we all have been quarantined for – almost a month now? Has anyone gone stir crazy yet? I can admit that I definitely have been going stir crazy. For the first 14 days of my quarantine I was in Hawaii (ahhh, I know right), everything was going great until Hawaii started shutting down everything! Literally, the beaches were shut down so I pretty much was confined to my hotel and just going to class everyday. But, I digress let’s get into this.

Where have you been Jas?

Well guys, I have been pretty much traveling from December to March (right before rona reared her little bald head). I was in Utah all January for a military school, that I did great in by the way. I went to Guam and Saipan in February. Traveled on my first overnight flight to Korea and through Japan. It was a really great experience. Only thing I didn’t like was that I wasn’t able to stretch out my legs and get a seat with a bed where I could lay down. But, I still got my rest, so I wasn’t tripping too much. Then March 14-28 I was in Hawaii and was able to attend the first phase of a school that I need for promotion. Unfortunately due to the rona, me and my class weren’t able to finish our course, but we hope to finish this Summer!

In January I also decided to start my own business! I started my very own Web Design company. For now, it is a sole proprietorship, but in a couple of years I hope to be a full on LLC! For now being a sole proprietorship works with my military schedule and I am still able to learn how to run a business. So, my web design business has been taking a lot of my time. I have been designing websites for a while and I truly love it. It’s my passion. My specialities right now are logo design and web design! I’m looking to help new start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs! (So if you know anyone that needs a passionate and affordable web designer, pass them my information! #shamelessplug).

During this corona virus in the evenings when I get done with my military work, I am putting a lot of energy into my business. I also want to get back on my blog consistently because I have truly missed writing and its something that I enjoy.

I have some very exciting new content that I am working on for the blog and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Thank you for taking the time to continue to follow me on my journey as a new business owner and blogger.

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