bye 2019, Hellooo 2020 :)

So I’m a little late saying goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020, but after a crazy couple of weeks life is finally getting back to normal, well at least for a week anyway. My work schedule right now is pretty busy, but I have to say life is good. I have been itching to get back on my blog and writing and finally have the time now (as Im at the airport typing this). I wanted to take the time to welcome everyone to this new decade! It’s amazing to be here and we are truly blessed to see another year let alone another decade. Check out below to see what I’ve been up to.

  • I turned 29 December 4 (omg, but if you hear me tell someone I’m 25 mind your business)
  • I went to Cozumel and the Grand Caymans for a week (for my mom’s bday) and it was a much needed trip (a few pics are below lul woes). It’s nothing like a vacation, being able to be in a swimsuit everyday and drink as much as I wanted was amazing.
  • spent time with my family and friends before heading back from leave
  • launched my online website design business (visit to check it out and schedule your session for me to build your website (shameless plug) 🙂
  • I attended a course in Salt Lake City for 3 weeks. The course for me was pretty intense because it was a lot of information for such a short amount of time. But after days of studying and asking thousands of questions in class I can finally say I am proud of myself that I was able to complete this class and keep moving forward in my Army career. Utah overall is a decent state.. They have a really good selection of healthy foods and of course fast food chains. Some of the restaurants I visited while here was Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen, Corelife Eatery, and Fueled Kitchen. These three were my go to’s while I was here. If you’re into healthy eating, these are the places to visit in Salt Lake City.
  • I also took the time at the beginning of the year like I always do and set out my goals and intentions for 2020. When setting intentions for this year I wanted to make sure my goals were of course attainable and achievable. I wrote them down because I want to be able to come back to some of these goals throughout the year and see the power of manifestation. I know that this time next year I will be in a different space.

Overall, I am looking forward to 2020 and can’t wait to see what it brings me! Before you leave don’t forget to subscribe to my blog below before you leave and also while you’re at it follow me on my social media (links below).


Jasmine <3

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