4 Weeks to Better Hair Care: Week 4 – Protein Treatment!

We’ve managed to get through a tough 4 weeks and we’ve pretty much covered everything concerning our hair! But, the one thing we haven’t touched on is protein treatments! Protein Treatments are very effective for your hair and are a great way to restore your curls. As I’ve stated before while I am not a professional cosmetologist I have a picked up a couple of things when I have been in hairstylists chairs! And one of the things that I noticed at one of my appointments was that my hair stylist applied a protein treatment to my hair. I noticed this about a year and a half ago that many hair stylists do this on natural hair. I asked my stylists at the time what was the purpose of her putting this on my hair and making me sit under a steamer for 20 minutes. It was simple, the protein treatment brings balance back to my hair to repair it and encourage hair growth!

It’s amazing what a little protein treatment can do for the hair. But, before we get to applying a protein treatment to our hair, we first need to know how can I tell when my hair needs a protein treatment?

-I can always tell my hair needs a protein treatment when I can’t tell that my hair is curly. At the front of my hair, it’ll start to lose its curl and it’ll just be a ball of frizz and it will also look and feel extra dry. If you take a look at the pics below you can see how my hair looks before I completed my protein treatment.

Since I have been doing my own protein treatments, I buy the little packet from the hair store. Surprisingly, these packets are a great way to put the moisture back in my hair. I can clearly tell the difference in my hair after I have applied the packet. Once I ave applied the treatment I then sit under a hair steamer for about 20 minutes. Sitting under the steamer helps to promote hair growth and lifts the cuticle hair allowing these treatments to have a deep penetrating effect on your hair and scalp. The picture below shows how my hair looked after I sat under the steamer for 20 mins and then washed the product out and styled my hair as normal.

Have these 4 weeks been helpful to you?I encourage you all to take care of your hair and feel free to share any other tips that myself or my community could use to protect our tresses during the cold Winter! Do you have a favorite protein treatment or process that you like to use on your hair? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this natural hair care series and I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing your natural hair progress!


Jasmine <3


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