4 Weeks to Better Hair Care – Week 3: Trim those Ends!!!!

Back again, to week 3! So we’ve tackled deep conditioning and detangling our hair! Now it’s time to focus on the ends of our hair! I am not a licensed cosmetologist so I would always suggest going to a professional to get your hair trimmed. But, in the case of where you can’t afford a stylist or don’t know anyone in your area that can cut your hair take a look below:

  • Clip those dead ends (professionally)
  • Trim hair at least every 6-8 weeks
  • Don’t trim hair when curly, blow dry hair out to its natural straight state or flat iron hair

We all know that I live in Alaska, and one thing I do not trust is the stylists here. I honestly have not found anyone here that I absolutely love to trim my hair. So, I have taken it upon myself to learn to trim my own hair. (AGAIN, I suggest if you are not comfortable trimming your own hair, to get a professional to do it, but I digress). But, I have chosen to trim my own hair. When I first started trimming my hair I would always do it while curly, this only works for me when I’m just trimming little strands on my hair. To get a good trim it takes me about 2 hours total (between blow drying my hair and trimming all sections of my hair evenly). I now carefully take my time while trimming my hair and make sure that all my hair is even all around.

How do I know if I have dead ends?

Well, there’s a couple of ways that I can personally tell when my hair needs to be trimmed. I can actually feel the differences in the unhealthy ends of my hair. It feels very coarse. I can also tell, because I’ll have much more shedding than usual. Those same ends will also feel much dryer than the rest of my hair. And if you blow out your hair before trimming it you can see the actual difference. For myself, if my ends need to be trimmed I notice the frizziness that will be at the ends of my hair, or since I wear my hair curly 97% of the time, I can tell because some of my ends won’t be curly, they will be straight. Another way to tell is that you may be able to see through the strands of your hair.

What is the best method for me to use to trim my hair?

Honestly for me I tried several methods of trimming my hair before I finally just blow dried my hair to trim it. Other methods that you can try is to do the twist method. This method you can do by 2 strand twisting your hair and clipping those ends that are either straight or frizzy. I don’t really trust this method because it can make you trim your hair unevenly. One thing I want to ensure I have is my hair all even if doing it myself. If I’m going to trim it myself I want to make sure that people can’t really tell that I did it myself ya know. This method is also good if you are going to be doing a twist out on your hair, once you unravel the twists you will be able to tell if all the frizziness and dead ends are gone.

What tools do I use?

Since I trim my own hair, I took the time to invest in the right tools. Of course I have my straight comb to section out each section, my clips to hold each section in place and my shears (scissors)! I would not suggest that you use regular household scissors or those little kindergarten scissors. With those you have a higher chance of getting split ends AND the cuts aren’t as precise as they would be with shears! Honestly shears are not that expensive. I have bought some for under $10. I have several pair of shears, but I have one pair that I bought from the beauty supply store. I honestly like both of them, but my shears from Sally’s have a much more defined and precise cut and they honestly feel much better in my hand then the one’s from the hair store.

How do I actually trim my own hair?

It’s not as intimidating as it seems: I carefully part each section of my hair into 4 big sections. Once my hair has been parted into 4 sections. I start at the back of my hair and go to the lowest section to begin to trim that section. In that section I take an even smaller section and comb the hair and then take my scissors and assess where exactly I need to make my first “cut” or trim. Once I have found that spot, I snip there. I then complete these same steps throughout the back of my hair, but I make sure that each smaller section from the big section that I started with is even with the first trimmed section. Because it’s just me I have a mirror set up all around so I can see all around my hair to make sure that each section is trimmed evenly. Also, while trimming my hair I make sure to cut down in an angle! This helps to increase the overall surface area of your hair. If you watch your hair stylist when you are in his or her chair you will see that they always cut and trim in an angle.

If you have any more questions about how I trim my hair or suggestions on how to tell when you need a trim, feel free to reach out to me via email or leave a comment below. While I am not a professional stylist and would really suggest you go to a professional, I am more than happy to give you tips and advice or connect you with any great stylists that I know that could better assist you.


Jasmine <3

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