4 Weeks to Better Hair Care: Week 2 -Detangle your Hair!

Sometimes this is easier said than done. I hate to detangle my hair because it is so time consuming. But, at the end of the day it is a necessary feat for all natural curly haired beauties! Because I wear my hair in a bun most of the time during the week, for work, it is essential that I detangle my hair regularly.

I personally try to detangle my hair 2 or 3 times a week – once on Sundays while deep conditioning my hair and usually on Wednesdays since that’s the middle of the week. Usually it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to truly detangle my hair. Why does it take so long? Because during this process I’m taking the time to carefully detangle my strands, trim my ends (if needed) and moisturize my hair all in the same process.

I usually start by separating my hair into 4 sections. It helps me to work with my hair easier and detangle it faster. Once I have separated each section I then begin using the LCO method to detangle and moisturize my hair.

LCO method (leave in conditioner, curl cream and oil- to seal in moisture)

In order to detangle your hair at its best and promote growth- truly take the time to detangle your hair. Don’t go so fast through each section that you are pulling so hard on your hair. I section my hair into 4 even sections and twist each section until I get to detangling it. As, I’m detangling each section I make sure to coat my hands with oil so that way my hands aren’t dry when detangling my hair. Detangling your hair regularly is one of the best methods to promote growth and longevity in your hair.

Take a look at the ONE product I use to help me detangle my hair! I work the Mielle Organics Babsu & Mint Deep Conditioner through each section of my hair and then use a wide tooth comb to detangle each section. Once each section has been detangled I then sit under the hair steamer for about 30 minutes. If you take a look below at the picture on the right you will see how my hair looks after product has been applied and it has been properly detangled.

What are some ways you choose to detangle your hair? Leave your thoughts below and tell me your best practices to detangling your hair in this cold weather?Also, don’t forget to follow me on IG @jasminenosullivan for more hair care tips and other inspiration.


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