4 Weeks to Better Hair Care: Week 1- Deep Condition Your Hair Regularly

Welcome to my natural hair care series, ” 4 Weeks to Better Hair Care” ! In this 4 week series I will be sharing my top, natural hair secrets for tackling my natural, curly hair here in this dry cold in Alaska!!!


I’m not sure about you, but for me Sundays are supposed to be my relaxed days – where I catch up on sleep, attend Church!, binge Netflix and deep conditioning my tresses! I try to deep condition at least once a week. With living here in Alaska, my hair can get super dry during the Winter. It is sooo important that during this time of the year I take extra steps and precautions to protect my hair. So, when my hair is not in a protective style (sew in, braids or under a wig etc..), I choose to deep condition my hair as one of the ways to keep my hair moisturized during this cold.


My go to product that I’ve been using for the last year is Mielle Organics Babasu & Mint Deep Conditioner Hair. It provides my hair the moisture and protein that my hair needs to maintain throughout this cold. I am very liberal with the amount that I use in my hair. I first part and detangle my hair into 4 sections and make sure to address my ends and roots that need the most attention. While doing this I also multi task and detangle my hair at the same time. Once each section has been detangled I sit under my hooded steamer for about 30-45 minutes. Once the time is up, I rinse the deep conditioner out my hair and finish off with cool water to help lock in the moisture in my hair.


Deep conditioning is key for us natural girls here in the dry, cold months. It is essential that we take measure to protect ourselves. If we cannot wear a protective style such as braids or a sew in one of the ways to protect yourself should be deep conditioning as the first measure. Deep conditioning weekly or bi-weekly (whatever your schedule allows) is essential to maintaining good hair health. Let me tell you when the temperature gets to -6 degrees and your hair is dry and feeling brittle, you will ask yourself why didn’t I deep condition more?

The best advice I can give to all my natural girls here in Alaska is to deep condition once a week and build a consistent deep conditioning regiment. By doing this you are promoting healthy hair and after all that is the goal right?


What are some ways that you choose to take care of your hair during the Winter? What methods do you use to retain moisture and protein? Tell me what you think in the comments below and while you’re at it follow me on IG at jasminenosullivan!


Jasmine <3

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