Ten Things in Ten Years!

In honor of my 10 year (ugh, I’m old) high school reunion coming up in October I decided to tell you ten things that have happened in the last ten years since graduating highschool! Take a look below and let me know what you think:

10. I joined the Army (1 semester after starting college). Growing up I never thought about joining the Army until I got tricked by this recruiter who sold me a dream on how my experience in the Army would be. (sound familiar?) Most people know that I’m active but are unaware of the struggle it took me to even join at first. There was some medical stuff I had to get taken care of first before I was able to join. Since joining the Army almost 10 years ago – I’ve progressed in ranks, made countless memories, traveled across the US, and met some of my bestfriend’s in the Army.

9. I changed my major in college probably about 7 or 8 times before I really decided on what I wanted to do. When I first left for college I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I think I was a Bio major at first and after a couple classes that first semester killed me I knew it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t really passionate about it and I didn’t understand all the workings of biology. It was hard lol and I just wasn’t ready to put in the work I guess lol. So, many majors later (including education, physical education, athletic training etc). I finally decided to get my business management degree in Human Resources Management! I made this decision based off my job in the Army. I was like well it’s a no brainer, I loved what I do in the Army and wanted to do it in on the civillian side.

8. I graduated college in 2015! So, I took a couple of semesters off college when I left for basic training. I think it was around (a full year) that I took off. I came back to Winthrop in 2011, Spring semester, and was so excited and ecstatic to see my friends. It felt like I had been gone forever and coming back from basic training to college I felt much more focused and knew what I wanted to do.

7. Ive watched EVERY episode of Law and Order SVU there is! Yes, I’m proud of this. I am a Law and Order junkie and have spent countless hours binging on Law and Order SVU. Even though I’ve seen all the episodes I still like to go back and watch them because I catch something new everytime! By the way Olivia works my nerves. I mean I like her and she gets the job done- but sometimes sis does the most!

6. I cook now! When I was in highschool I never really had to learn how to cook because my mom was always cooking the best food and baking cakes! It was great! When I first left home, I didn’t know how to cook at all. There would be times where I would have to call my mom and have her walk me through how to cook something lol. I had to learn how to cook because eating out was getting expensive and I couldn’t afford Zaxby’s, Mcalister’s, Showmars or Chick fil a everyday. So I had to learn how to cook quickly. By the time I learned how to cook I was still in college!, had my first apartment and was working full time at Sprint in Rock Hill!

5. I’m super frugal now. Some people call me cheap, so I could be that. What makes me as frugal as I am? There was a time when I was about 2 years away from completing my degree and I had lost my job at Radioshack after a spat with a manager (eyeroll), I had just renewed my lease and bought a cool new car (2008 Acura TL) and I needed a job ASAP and didnt know how I was going to get through. Anyway, after going without for many months when I got back on my feet I told myself I would never let myself get as low as I was when I wasn’t working. There were times where I would walk to school, to save my gas because I wanted to use that gas to go to an interview. Thankfully my parents were a HUGE supporter of me during this time and helped me to get through this stage! This taught me to count every penny that goes in and out of my account.

4. I’m working on my Master’s Degree! I am currently in grad school online at Walden University pursuing my Master’s of Science in Human Resources Management! There are a number of things that I am hoping to accomplish with my masters. In the end one of my main goals I want to do is open an HR Consulting Firm! Since I got into HR in college I knew that being an HR Consultant was one thing I definitely wanted to do. I also wouldn’t mind opening up a couple of my own businesses too (towing company or a rehab facility in the future!)

3. My dad tried to get me to join the Air Force at first. I think he wanted me to join the Air Force because he didn’t want to see his little girl going off to this rugged, crazy Army. Sometimes, when I’m having a bad Army day, I’ll blurt out that I should’ve joined the Air Force. But, truly I am thankful for joining the Army. If it wasn’t for the Army I don’t think I would be as focused and head strong as I am today. I also wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing people and served under some of the most influential leaders so far in my career! I can truly say that serving in the military is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

2. I got my first tv stolen when I was moving to Atlanta in 2015. So, I graduated college in 2015. It was my last semester of school and I had been stressing about where I was going to work and all the normal college soon- to-be-graduate stuff. December 2014 I decided to apply for AGR with the Reserves. (And yes, we’re active duty too, little bald heads. I get all the same benefits as other Active Duty Soldiers). Anyway, May 2015 I got notified that I had finally been accepted into the AGR program and shortly after got notified that I was moving to Atlanta, GA! I was so excited. I had always wanted to go to Atlanta and moving their after graduating seemed like the perfect thing to do! Oh yeah, so back to this tv. This was one of the first television’s that my mom had bought me for my apartment in college. It’s not that the tv was real fancy or anything, or even the biggest. It’s that it held sentimental value to me and it was mine! Anyway, in the process of moving I had to store all my stuff in a friend’s garage. When moving day came and I was ready to head to ATL, I noticed that some of my things were missing – my tv, this black bean bag chair and some bathroom decor. I’m still a little salty about this. But, what this taught me was that material things can be gone in a second. It taught me to appreciate what I have and work hard for everything that I want. I’ll never respect the person who stole my tv, but I’ve forgiven them because in the end it’s just a material possession.

1.I’m confident in Me. During the last ten years I have gone through a lot of changes, from being that once, loud and obnoxious teenager to now a confident and humble woman, I am truly confident in me. Now, that I am grown and in tune with who I am mentally and spiritually there’s nothing I know I can’t accomplish because I believe in ME!

*Bonus* I cut my hair off over a break up with (a now ex boyfriend). There was this guy that I had been dating for about a year or so in college. I was so in love with him and just knew he was the one. Well, fast forward he wasn’t and he broke my heart! Looking back on it now, it of course wasn’t love and I was VERY dramatic and extra for cutting my hair over a guy. I mean c’mon! I’ve always taken care of my hair and have taken pride in it. So when I cut it off that weekend and cried my eyes out because I had no hair to put in a ponytail anymore I was devastated. I mean the haircut was amazing! The stylist had cut my hair into this bomb, pixie cut and I looked really good. I couldn’t see it then but this was just the beginning of me changing and getting to know the very best part of me.

Looking back at the last ten years sometimes I beat myself up because I feel like I should have accomplished more, but really I am right where God wants me to be. And this list is only a portion of stuff I’ve been blessed to accomplish. Sometimes, you have to self reflect and analyze what you’ve accomplished.

Feel free to share some things you’ve accomplished in the last ten years in the comments below!

Jasmine <3


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