Manifesting Your Dreams

Growing up in church I often heard that in order to achieve something you had to speak it into existence. When I was younger I didn’t really understand this but now that I am grown and mature, I realize the power of this simple statement. You have to speak life into your self, put in the hard work to achieve and know that what is meant for you will be yours.

Behind the Manifestation

What is this all about? Since I was a young girl, I knew that my life had a purpose on it. I’ve always wanted to help people and that is what I have been most passionate about all my life. I never knew that this manifestation would take me to joining the Army and realizing that I loved being able to help others. I am truly passionate about my job and I enjoy every bit of it, even the not so great moments.

Defining Your Dreams

In order to truly understand your purpose – you need to ensure you take the time to do some self reflection and define what your dreams are. It’s important that once you realize what you want to accomplish out of this life, that you take the time to cultivate your dreams.

The best way that I’ve been able to do this is to write down what I want to accomplish. I have thousands (ok, not really, but I have a lot of journals) that I write in. One journal in particular is where I write down all of my goals and dreams whether they are long or short term goals. I write them down and that my friends, is the beginning of defining your dreams.

Putting in the Work

Nothing will be given to you. You have to truly work hard for what you want and what you want to achieve. For me, I knew that I wanted to help people many, many years ago. To this day I know that I am working in my purpose. Sometimes you have to realign yourself in different companies, different organizations etc. to ensure you are working in your purpose.

I challenge you to take the time to evaluate what you want to accomplish and hit those goals! One of the best methods I’ve used to help make myself aware of my goals is writing them down AND rewriting them down multiple times in a journal. This helps to create awareness for you and help you to set your focus on truly manifesting your dreams! This also helps you to ensure that you are aligning your decisions with your goals and tasks you want to accomplish.

You can manifest anything that you put your mind too. You have to believe in yourself and put in the hard work to make this come true.

This week let’s focus on being proactive in ways that we can truly manifest what it is we want to accomplish. Whether its losing 10lbs, eating healthier, reading the bible more etc, take the time this week to work on manifesting your destiny. Make a list, make another list! And stick to it.



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