Black Girls Run Too!

There’s this misconception that black girls don’t run or we’re too lazy run. I’m not sure what bald headed person came up with this idea but it’s completely absurd and disrespectful.

Now, I’ll be the first person to admit, I absolutely hate running, but because I am required to run for my career I have been working at it more than normal. But, I’m going to take the time and tell you how to get better on your run, beautiful, black girl.

Changing Your Attitude

In order to be a better runner and appreciate the process, I have had to change my attitude towards running. I used to go into every run session with a negative mindset and I wasn’t giving 100% effort every time. Now, when I run, I make sure to give my best effort every time. I no longer just and go through the motions. During, my run now I am much more aware of my breathing, my attitude, my focus and even my form. Since I have been focused on improving my attitude I have noticed that I am much more confident in my run and I don’t hate it as much anymore.

Being Confident in You

As I have been consistently working on improving my run over the last couple of months I have noticed that now I look forward to running especially in the afternoons when its such a pretty day. Right now is the perfect time to run here in Alaska. Soon the days will be long and dark and I won’t be able to get outside and run as often because it’ll be way too cold. As I have been working on my run, my confidence has improved 1000% in running and I no longer self sabotage myself prior to running. So, beautiful black girl, change your attitude and work on you!

My Top 5 Running Tips

  1. Check your posture.
  2. Consciously be aware of what your body is doing.
  3. Keep your head up. Some people tend to run with their head down and this constricts your airways and makes it harder to breathe.
  4. Keep your back straight. (Even when you get tired, don’t hunch your back, this will definitely slow you down and cause unnecessary stress on your back when running). When you get tired put your hands down on your side until you can control your breathing.
  5. Be aware of your breathing. I have a bad habit of when I’m running, especially sprinting, I’ll hold my breath. Instead of holding your breath when sprinting, try taking deep, low breaths and breathing through your belly to get a better sprint. I’ve tried this method when doing my sprints and I’ve already shaved off 30 seconds on my run! It definitely helps.

My Challenge to You

Get out and run (or walk, if not able) this week! Let’s set out 3 specific days this week that we are going to run! For myself – I run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I usually sprint on Tuesdays, focus on form and endurance on Thursdays and Saturdays I focus on my time!

This week, remember to change your attitude about running! Go into these run days expecting to DO and accomplish great things! I believe in every one of you! Don’t self sabotage yourself by thinking negative thoughts and having a bad attitude. Let’s get to work and make this happen!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone CRUSH this goal this week! #blackgirlsruntoo

IG: @jasminenosullivan

-Jasmine <3

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