Confession #1***I’m a…..

As I sit on my couch and binge on criminal minds episodes, I realize that I am a stress eater! Soon as I feel a little bit of stress, here I go off to the store to buy popcorn or more fruit to eat off ( I already have apples and pineapples in my refrigerator). As I sit here and think to myself there has got to be a better way for me to combat my stress eating and stop self sabotaging my progress. We all do this sometimes, but sometimes we’re afraid to admit this to ourselves. So, in order to to help combat that I came up with my top 5 ways to help combat stress eating. Take a look below and let me know what you think in the comments!

  1. If you are stressed write down your stressors. (Attack the problems head on and write them on my paper to stop the overthinking and analyzing that is bound to come).
  2. If you are snacking on for example popcorn, practice mindful eating and make sure to chew each piece at a time to really indulge in the deliciousness (This may seem weird, but many nutritionists and wellness providers say that the act of mindful eating helps us to slow down and truly enjoy each bite and lessens our chance of over indulging)
  3. Do a quick HIIT workout! No seriously, get up off the couch and attack a HIIT workout for 15 minutes straight. Try this combo- 10 burpees, 15 jump squats, and 20 mountain climbers! Do this for 15 minutes straight, and put 100% effort into it.
  4. Sprint Intervals! (for 2miles straight try sprinting for 30 seconds and jogging for 60 seconds, in the Army we refer to these as 30-60s. Give it your all each time!
  5. And the final recommendation is to recognize that we all stress! it’s a part of our lives. We have to acknowledge this stress and use that energy to make better choices for our future.

This week let’s all make the conscious effort to acknowledge our stress and not self sabotage our progress!

What are some ways you choose to combat stress eating!? Leave your comments below.

-Jasmine <3

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