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Strawberry Banana Granola Yogurt Bowl

This is a very quick and simple recipe! It’s perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time in the mornings and want something quick and easy. Take a look below and see how to make your own version of my Strawberry Banana Granola Yogurt Bowl (inspired by the Chunky Strawberry from Jamba Juice).


  • Strawberry Yoplait Yogurt Container
  • 5 fresh strawberries
  • Granola Oats
  • 1/2 banana

My Process

  • Add in 2 or 3 scoops of strawberry yogurt to your bowl (you can also freeze some of the yogurt too)
  • Next, add in about 1 (or more, your choice) scoops of peanut butter granola to your bowl.
  • Cut the banana in to smaller, individual pieces and add to bowl
  • Next, cut all 5 strawberries in half and add to bowl.
  • Enjoy!

This recipe is also great with blueberries added any other fruit of your choice. I would make sure with this breakfast meal, to include some sort of added protein, (blueberries or cherries is also good in this recipe as well).

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Jasmine <3

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