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As I sat on top of Koko Head Trail looking over beautiful O’ahu, I couldn’t help but to feel a little overwhelmed and feel a little bit emotional. I was overlooking beautiful O’ahu after hiking up on one of the toughest hikes I had been on in months. It’s not that the hike was long because it was only about .81 of a mile, but it was sooo steep and all uphill. The closer I got to thinking I was at the top, the more I wanted to quit and turn around and go back down to the bottom of the mountain. But, I was determined to make it to the top, because after all that is what it’s all about right… making it to the top!

This was probably one of my best trips over here, because I truly got to see how beautiful O’ahu is. In past trips due to work, I haven’t been able to see much of the island, but this time I was determined to get around and see some of beautiful O’ahu. So me and my friend sat out on our hike up Kokohead. Take a look below!

History of Koko Head

Koko head was built by the military and constructed along the Koko Head Railway to move supplies. The railway is made up of 1,048 stairs and was active mostly during World War II. 

Making it to the Top

Ya’ll I really was having doubts going up that steep, steep mountain. I don’t know why it had me so in my feelings, but I was really feeling overwhelmed. I really just wanted to go back down that mountain and get in the car and go home. But, I was so close to making it to the top. I was determined. I met a couple people on my journey up the mountain and they really all kept encourage me to keep going. We all were encouraging each other. I think the moral of this story was that no matter how bad you want to quit on this journey, keep going! Of course you will have naysayers trying to hold you down and keep you to where they are, but you have to keep encouraging yourself on this journey. And this leads me to tie into your health and fitness (lol). When you think that you can’t continue to eat healthy and workout and give it your all, listen to that inner voice that’s telling you to keep going. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.

Take look below at some of the amazing shots I got while in Oahu this time! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my latest posting.

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