I Quit!

I quit! simple as that. The end. What am I talking about you ask? Of course I am not quitting or ending my blog. I have just gotten back from traveling from work for the last couple weeks and while I was gone, I slipped up bad. I had meat! and I forgot how delicious and good meat really is. So, yes I am no longer eating a Pescatarian diet. It’s too much for me. Honestly, I felt very hungry and tired all the time. There were times when I was eating some sort of seafood (i.e. lunch) and I would feel full for about an hour and then boom! here comes the little hunger monster creeping back up on me. I HATE being hungry, so this wasn’t going to work for me that long.

While in Hawaii on my last TDY I had some of the BEST food. I never realized how tired not eating meat made me. For some I know it works fine to stick with the Pescatarian diet and honestly we all have to try things that work for us. And the pescatarian diet/lifestyle, simply did not work for me. I am much more happier now that I am back to eating meat. I’m only going to be eating meats high in protein and still don’t eat pork, but I am very happy to be back eating meat. There may be times where I may throw in some aspects of the pescatarian diet to my meal prepping though.

What I learned from being a Pescatarian

  • my grocery budget did not increase significantly more. ( I spent the same as I would if I would have been buying regular meat)
  • there are other meat protein substitutes (besides tofu) that are very filling and you can hardly tell that they aren’t meat (veggie meatballs add some barbecue and cook them in a crockpot, you can’t even tell their veggie meatballs)do your own research before completely changing your diet!
  • know what works best for you and your body! if you are feeling more fatigued than normal it could be due to a change in your diet.
  • give it your best shot, and if you can’t continue with the diet or sudden change, don’t be afraid or anxious to go back to what you know and what works best for you

Take a look below at some of the food I ate while in Hawaii!

As always thank you for taking a look at my food diary! The hardest part about trying to live a healthier life is eating correctly! I hope I have offered you some options that you can use during your week!

-Jasmine <3

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