Accountability is apart of all aspects of our lives. From ensuring that we press our way forward and get that workout in to making sure we get that project or report at work submitted in time. Accountability is right there on our shoulder making sure we are held to some standard or responsibility.

Take a look below at my top 5 ways to maintain accountability in regards to health and fitness!

Jasmine’s Top 5 Ways to Maintain Accountability

5. Write down your workouts – I am a strong believer that by writing your workouts down it truly helps you to stay focused and ensure that you get a great workout in! Whether this means writing them down in a fitness journal that you carry or even in the notes section of your phone. I strongly recommend planning your workouts to ensure they are effective. Don’t go into the gym lost and confused.

4. Set a specific time to workout- For me, I have a set schedule. My go to days where I am in the gym faithfully are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! MWF I go to the gym from 330-5 and Sundays from 10-1115. Now sometimes our jobs hold us to after a time where we can’t get to the gym at this specifc time, but thats understandable. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the gym at all. What about getting up an hour early and heading to the gym and getting that workout in before your day starts?!

3. Workout with a friend– This one, I kind of struggle with. But, sometimes when you work out with other people or friends It can motivate you to keep pushing and go even harder. If I do workout with a friend I have to make sure that I stay focused throughout the entire workout and try to keep the side conversations about facebook drama and whatever else is going on in the world to a minimum. I would hate for us to spend 45 minutes of our workout time -talking instead of getting an effective workout.

2. Record your workouts– I think this is another great idea. We all have smartphones, so why not take the time while you’re staring at yourself in the gym mirror (we all do it) and actually record yourself doing a specific workout. I would then suggest to post it on instagram or some form of social media. It helps others see your workouts and if you’re not a trainer such as myself it helps you to get feedback on how you can improve and add to your workouts from people in the industry! It also helps you to see overtime how you may have improved on the exercise over time.

1.Add variety to your workouts –  Add variety to your workouts! This means add some cardio and core workouts in; add some weight lifting in there; and add some leg workouts in etc. There are a number of ways that you can add variety to your workouts. One of my favorite ways to do cardio workouts is to do a HIIT (High intensity interval training) workout! This is basically a much more effective cardio workout than just doing the treadmill for 30 mins. Why not the next time you decide to do cardio and on the treadmill try putting the incline at 12 and running at a 3.5 or 4 speed to challenge yourself.

Again these are just my top 5 ways to hold ourselves accountable in the gym. Let’s take responsibility for ourselves and for our actions and give max effort every time we workout. What are some other ways that we can hold ourselves accountable in the gym!? Feel free to leave your comments and let me know.

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