It’s more than a diet, its a lifestyle…

So recently, I decided to go to a strictly pescatarian lifestyle! What is this you ask? Being a pescatarian is basically a vegetarian but we eat fish and shellfish- such as shrimp, scallops, etc. Some pescatarians such as myself eat dairy such as cheese and eggs (lacto-ovo-vegetarian). Before I decided to switch over to a completely pescatarian diet, I was pretty much only eating chicken and fish anyway. The last couple years I never really ate a lot of beef and pork anyway, so this wasn’t that hard of a decision to make for me to go to a strictly pescatarian lifestyle. Now, I do have to admit, it’s been pretty hard not buying chicken and turkey, because I loooveee turkey and chicken, but for my own personal edification I chose to give up chicken and turkey. It’s a much healthier lifestyle for me and fits my life and needs here in Alaska.

You all know I meal prep, so because I am now a pescatarian, I have had to revamp my grocery runs to include much more veggies and shellfish. One thing I wanted to make sure before I switched over to a pescatarian lifestyle was to ensure that I was going to be getting my protein. Fish -such as salmon is a very good source of protein and omega 3 which helps to improve cardiovascular health overall. Also, being a pescatarian I eat a lot of black beans and egg whites which are also an additional source of protein. I have been eating to a lot more veggies than what I have in the past, but I have been full after every meal. That was one of my main concerns was that I was not going to be full after meals.

***Ready for a Recipe? This is my favorite part of my blog postings! So the recipe I have below are Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos! Which are amazing and very filling. If you would like the recipe please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share! But, all the ingredients are shown below.

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