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Hey y’all I am originally from South Carolina. I have a bright and bold personality that is always leading me to do my own thing. I am compassionate, determined and nurturing. I graduated from Winthrop University with my B.S. in Human Resources Management. I am currently an HR Sergeant in the Army and I am stationed in Alaska for the time being. When I’m not working for the Army, you can find me diving into my entrepreneurial side or traveling with my computer in tow (of course). I have created and managed several blogs and websites.  In my free time, I like to travel, take care of my plants and do an unhealthy amount of binging on Law & Order SVU on the weekends. I love to love and showcase my creative talents. I am always looking to better myself and with grit and determination I know that I can do anything that I achieve anything. 


Why Choose
Designs by Jasmine Perry?

We understand exactly where you are. You are a business owner or maybe you’re new professional that is looking to grow your online brand. You desire to have your online home where you are the focus and in charge from day one. This online home represents you and your most intimate goals. This online platform helps you to balance everything that you are trying to accomplish. That’s exactly what I help you do!  I established Designs by Jasmine Perry to do exactly this.  I take modern, creative and and professional elements to help you build and establish the online home that you need. I aim to provide  a personable and professional experience right from the start. I help nonprofit organizations, photographers and other professionals (along with other creatives and entrepreneurs)  define their online home. 

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" A Creative, and Determined entrepreneur".

My Process

1. Discovery Call

So, you're ready to talk about your project, idea, website or brand concept? You will click here to send me an email and we will schedule a 30 minute discovery call session for us to get started.

2. Tell Me More

After our discovery call I will send you a welcome email and discovery packet that will include what we discussed on our call, what to expect, and a questionnaire. During this phase a retainer (deposit) fee of 50% is required and all contact and required forms will be completed during this time.

3. Development

During this phase I will take what we have discussed previously and will begin to develop your website or branding concept. This phase typically includes the following: layout design, concept sketches, copy and content writing, website wire framing, plus more. This phase is typically the longest and the focus is to develop our client-designer relationship. Communication is key during this phase.

4. Delivery

We're finally nearing the end! During this phase we will make final revisions. Also, we will hop on a Zoom or FaceTime call and I will give you a personalized website walkthrough. You will learn the basic navigations and I will answer any questions that you may have. During the web design process I will begin to transfer the site ownership over to you. For graphic and branding concepts I will send you files through google drive or via email in the following formats: pdf, jpeg/jpg, and png format.

5. Launch

Launch Day!!! We've officially completed everything needed to make your businesss or brand a success. We have persevered and can finally reflect on all our hardwork and perseverance. Wishing you much continued success and blessings.

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