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 I am originally from South Carolina. I have a bright and bold personality that is always leading me to do my own thing. I am compassionate, determined and nurturing. I graduated from Winthrop University with my B.S. in Human Resources Management. I am currently an HR Sergeant in the Army and I am stationed in Alaska for the time being. When I’m not working for the Army, you can find me diving into my entrepreneurial side or traveling with my computer in tow (of course). I have created and managed several blogs and website. 

In my free time, I like to travel, take care of my plants and do an unhealthy amount of binging on Law & Order SVU on the weekends. I love to love and showcase my creative talents. I am always looking to better myself and with grit and determination I know that I can do anything that I want. This platform was created to help empower other creatives just like you to take a chance and build your online home. 


Why Choose Me?

I understand exactly where you are. You are a business owner or maybe you’re new professional that is looking to establish your business or online brand. You desire to have your online home where you are the focus and in charge from day one. This online home represents you and your most intimate goals. This online platform helps you to balance everything that you are trying to accomplish. That’s exactly what I help you do!  I established jasmineperry.com to do exactly this.  I take modern, creative and and professional elements to help you build and establish the online home that you need. I aim to provide  a personable and professional experience right from the start. I help non profits, new and existing small business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals establish their online platform. 

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Lately on the Blog!!!

It’s a Balancing Act

I’ve had several people ask me how am I balancing starting a new biz, my Army career and being in school for my Master’s amid this Corona Virus Pandemic. I have a few tips and tricks that I have been doing to help me stay focused and productive during the day. 3. On a normal


My Rebranding Story

If you follow me on social media you will notice that I have changed and changed my logo and website many times. Why, you ask? In all transparency, I haven’t really been satisfied with the look and feel of my website. I didn’t feel it accurately portrayed who I am and how I want my

Y’all Ready to Catch Up?

So, we all have been quarantined for – almost a month now? Has anyone gone stir crazy yet? I can admit that I definitely have been going stir crazy. For the first 14 days of my quarantine I was in Hawaii (ahhh, I know right), everything was going great until Hawaii started shutting down everything!

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